Bugs in SetPerspective command and fullscreen mode

Robert T. shared this problem 4 years ago
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In Geogebra different views can be activated or deactivated. In my situation I use an upper and lower view. Both views are separated by a horizontal bar which allows resizing of both views by dragging the bar with the mouse.

Problem 1

There is an unwanted initialization of the axes' visibility when I change the views' perspective with the command SetPerspective("D/T") or SetPerspective("D/G"). Of course I can disable their visiblity with ShowAxes[1, false] and ShowAxes[2, false], but I think changing the view's perspective should not have any effect on the axes' settings.

Problem 2

When I start my geogebra applets in Geogebra tube in an internet browser, I can activate the fullscreen mode of the applet which is a wonderful invention! But now the horizontal separating bar between both views has a buggy behaviour when I try dragging it up or down with the mouse. Something's wrong with the scaling factor which calculates the y-coordinate of the mouse pointer into of the y-coordinate of the separating bar.

I found out that after using SetPerspective("D/T") or SetPerspective("D/G") while being in fullscreen mode, the scaling factor c for y_bar = c * y_mouse is repaired! This is good news only for a moment, but regretfully leaving the fullscreen mode after using SetPerspective("D/T") or SetPerspective("D/G"), we now have a wrong scaling factor in the non-fullscreen-mode! For repairing this, I need to use SetPerspective("D/T") or SetPerspective("D/G") again.

Problem 3

When I use SetPerspective("D/T") in non-fullscreen-mode and I try to activate the fullscreen mode, the fullscreen mode starts properly (except from the wrong scaling factor for the separating bar).

But when I use SetPerspective("D/G") in non-fullscreen-mode and I try to activate the fullscreen mode, the fullscreen mode is not working properly: The applet is not being enlarged.

You can try it with my applet:


The button "Graphik" in the upper right corner simply calls SetPerspective("D/T") and SetPerspective("D/G").

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Thanks, we'll check!


I added an easier applet for testing (without javascript):


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