Bugs in geogebra-classic 6.0.471.0-201805301433

Gretel8 shared this problem 4 years ago

geogebra-classic 6.0.471.0-201805301433

ubuntu 16.04


* missing menu "file -> exit";

* some menu items ("file -> share", all in "help") not visible (white text on white background);

* help popup, opened by "?" button of "algebra" view, hidden after click on any location (ever on "+") (expected behavior: show function under cursor in help popup);

* if rotate mouse wheel when mouse pointer under toolbar, toolbar not scrolled (must be scrolled);

* click on any html "select" element and you see black rectangle (black text on black background);

* run command "geogebra-classic file.ggb", and file "file.ggb" will not be opened (file must be opened like via menu "file -> open");

* html version slower than java version;

* locale files must be packaged in separate packages (one package per locale; most users will use one locale; not need to install 50+ locales);

* package scripts must not change file "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/geogebra.list";

* application must set icon for windows switcher dialog ("alt+tab") (currently icon is missing);

* margins and paddings are too big (use media queries to set it to zero);

* missing tooltips (move mouse pointer to any button and wait; expected behavior: show tooltip);

* press "F12"; nothing happened; expected behavior: open developer tools like in "google chrome";

* online tutorial and online manual inaccessible, because web-site rapidly show internal server error 500.

Thank you for reading. Hope you fix this. 9 june 2018.

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* save file dialog showed twice (must be showed one time).

8 august 2018.

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