Bug Report For In-Browser Version In Safari On a Mac

harrytomalley shared this question 7 years ago

I am just reporting two bugs for the in-browser version of GeoGebra in Safari on a Mac.

Here is a description of the two bugs:

Bug #1: No Right-Click Functionality

Obviously on a Mac, we are talking about Ctrl-Click, but Ctrl-Clicking on the background or on objects in the graphics or algebra window does nothing. It should launch an option menu for the object.

Bug #2: Not Saving as "Public" Despite Selecting That Option

When saving in-browser, you use the File->Save option in the app. When you do this, it nicely brings up the "Save" dialog box. There you are asked to name the file as well as select the privacy settings from a drop-down menu offering Private, Shared, or Public. When "Public" is selected and the file is saved, it incorrectly saves the file as "Private".

I made a video of both of these bugs that can be found at this link:


Is there a better place to post these bug reports? Please let me know if there is a workaround, I am doing something wrong, or if and when it is fixed.


Harry O'Malley

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Safari with Mac (OS X Yosemite...)

No problem with right-clic


But same bug, with public save...



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