BUG: Reopening a file revert the modifications even after saving them

atw99t2 shared this question 2 years ago

System: Linux desktop

Geogebra version: 6.0.464.0-offline (09 May 2018)

- Launch Geogebra

- make a modification, eg: select the point tool and create a point on the canvas

- close Geogebra

- a dialog box appears asking if one wants to save, click "save"

- a dialog box appears asking for a name, input a name, say "test"

- geogebra doesn't close (see BUG 24)

- (step 7) click close again, geogebra closes

- Launch geogebra desktop

- click on the menu icon, click on "open"

- click on the "test" file, then "edit"

- the test file is opened (when doing this graph is blank sometimes)*

- do a modification, say add a new point on the canvas

- click the menu icon again, click "open", select the "test" file then "edit"

- a small dialog appear asking to save modifications, click "save"


- the dialog bow closes and the older version (from before step 7) of "test" is opened instead of the modified version

Expected behavior:

- The latest (modified) version is loaded.

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Please upgrade to GeoGebra Classic 6


Is it different from "Geogebra 6.0.464.0-offline (09 May 2018)" ?

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