Bug on Tube by using the spreadsheet with iPad

LPH shared this problem 8 years ago

Hi all,

With iPad (iOS 8.1.2), when I use GgbTube with Safari browser, the scrollbars don’t appear (see below) in the spreadsheet: Therefore, many columns and rows are not accessible. :(

No problem with W7 on Firefox.

Thank you for watching the problem. :D

Happy New Year to the whole team. :D :D


PS: Let recall another problem with the spreadsheet here. :confused:96c17b61f2592513e6bca221d2c24ee5

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These problems appear in tablet version of GG; here his a list of other reports...I am sure these problems are a priority problem which are developers are working diligently.

But thanks for a very comprehensive report, this is what the developers want to hear about.

Tony (not a developer)

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