Bug in Surface command

svecmisa shared this problem 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

I would like to report a bug in the Surface command. It comes up when I rotate a hyperbola around its semi-major axis, creating a hyperboloid. Then I create a point on this surface and I move it to the position on the semi-minor axis of the hyperbola. The hyperboloid should then change to a plane which is does and I can do this in Geogebra without any troubles. The bug then appears when I save the file in this configuration and try to launch it again. It crashes saying it cannot execute the Surface command (the plane). I know it is a complicated situation from the coding point of view but it could just ignore the Surface command intead of crashing.

I believe I am using the latest version of Geogebra, that is 5.0.331.0.

Thank you.


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