Bug in parametric drawing: asymptotes are included sometimes

jdgilbey shared this problem 4 years ago

I tried drawing the parametric graph (sec(t), tan(t)), and it gave me a very nice hyperbola, but it also drew the asymptotes (or something very close to them). I presume that the software is drawing lines between (sec(t), tan(t)) and (sec(t+e), tan(t+e)) for lots of values of t and small increments e, and that when, say, t=1.57 (just less than pi/2) and e=0.01, so that t+e is just over pi/2, and then it draws a line between the points (1256,1256) and (-107,-107). I wonder whether the graphing algorithm should only join two nearby points if they are sufficiently close, as with the standard y=f(x) algorithm?

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