Bug in GGB 5.0.64/66 Mac using File > Open

gno shared this problem 5 years ago


if I start GGB and then use File > Open to open a file

the first three times the File-Open-Dialog appears almost immediately and I can choose the file to open.

The 4th time there is a slight (some seconds) delay accompanied by almost 100% CPU usage (all 8 cores).

The 5th time GGB does not respond and it takes almost one minute until the dialog appears.

The 6th time GGB is stuck for more than 4 minutes, still almost 100% CPU usage, fans running madly.

During the time after selecting File > Open GGB opens the same directory

~/Documents/GGB/ (the last directory, containing my GGB files)

many times (>50 in opened files, maybe some infinite recursive call?) until at last (about 4') it gives up, meaning no File-Open-Dialog appears, but it responds again.

After that I can open 2 or 3 files until GGB freezes again for several minutes.

When I first encountered this I assumed after some time that GGB was stuck, did a force-quit and reopened GGB.

This bug appears in version 5.0.64 and 5.0.66.

I can't tell about version 5.0.65, since this version for Mac is the same as 5.0.64.

Version 5.0.63 is not affected by this bug.

OS: Mac OS X (10.8.5)

Java: 1.8.0_20-64bit

Heap: 910MB

CAS Initialisierung

Tested with

GGB 5.0.63 (not affected)

GeoGebra (7 February 2015)

GGB 5.0.64

GeoGebra (13 February 2015)

GGB 5.0.65

GeoGebra (13 February 2015)

GGB 5.0.66

GeoGebra (25 February 2015)


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Same here... :(

(GeoGebra 5.0.66)




it's not only happening if you use File > Open:

I just had to wait - what seemed like an eternity to me - for more than 5 minutes with the fans running like mad as I chose File > Save As before Geogebra 5.0.66 was usable again but did not show the File-Save-Dialog.

Choosing File > Save As once more and I could save my file.

Indeed annoying!




this bug is still present in version 5.0.71 Mac OSX.

After opening 4 files (only one at a time) selecting File >Open (or File > Save As) it takes more than 5 minutes in which Java/Geogebra consumes all available cpu acitivity. The System states that Geogebra hangs, is not responding.

After this (eternity) no dialog is shown.

An analysis shows that during the time Geogebra hangs it creates a great amount of threads

Thread_<Number>: Java: Aqua L&F File Loading Thread

Until now there is only one solution to this:

Close Geogebra after working with one file.

Then restart it to work with the next file.

The last version free from this bug was 5.0.63 from 7 February 2015.


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