Bug in GeoGebra worksheets embedded in website

Juan Carlos Ponce Campuzano shared this problem 5 years ago

Hi everyone,

I have just noticed a bug with GeoGebra worksheets embedded in website. At the University of Queensland we are using GeoGebra to create online activities for university-level mathematics students. So we have designed a website where we embed GeoGebra worksheets and we provide students with problems to solve with the worksheets from our website. The problem is that when they access the website and try to use worksheets that have a Check box, the page moves in a weird way so you have to scroll down or up. This only happens for worksheets that have check boxes or when I select an element from drop-down list. See video attached.


It is really annoying to have to scroll down or up to see the worksheet properly. You cannot work with the worksheet in this way.

I hope you can help me this bug...


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Here is the a page of the website: https://teaching.smp.uq.edu...


The problem happens also in tables... :(


Here you can see the problem in the tablethttps://youtu.be/aRRAdIjFy64

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