BUG: geogebra doesn't close when saving a file at closure

atw99t2 shared this question 4 years ago

System: Linux Desktop

Geogebra Version: 6.0.464.0-offline (09 May 2018)

- Launch Geogebra

- make a modification, eg: select the point tool and create a point on the canvas

- close geogebra

- a dialog box appears asking if one wants to save, click "save"

- a dialog box appears asking for a name, input a name, say "test"


the dialog box disappear and geogebra continue running as if didn't click on close button

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Please update to the latest version (6.0.467) and add comments if the issue persists.


Is this the latest stable version? I need to know so that I can flag it as out-of-date to the package maintainers. And then update and see if I still have the same problems.

I'm not sure how I am supposed to interpret this page: https://dev.geogebra.org/tr..., they say that the latest stable is 5.0


I can reproduce this bug on version 6.0.608. It is on archlinux.

I've made a very short video to show the problem: https://youtu.be/TTOaSoo_RT8

Step to reproduce the problem:

- start geogebra

- define a point (if you don't do that geogebra quit without asking)

- click on closing the window

- select option: "Don't save"

Expected behaviour: quitting without saving

Real behaviour: not quitting


We have official linux installers, please just use those https://www.geogebra.org/download

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