[bug] custom tools duplicating in toolbar

anthony.schiby shared this problem 2 years ago

The bug appears when adding a new custom tool after having deleted another one.

For example, if I create Tool1 and Tool2, then delete Tool2, then create Tool3, the toolbar will display Tool3, Tool3, Tool1. And it gets worse everytime I delete one.

If I don't save my work then I just have to restart the app and it's gone, but I can't get rid of it on saved files. I already tried deleting everything about GeoGebra on my computer and reinstalling the latest version, to no avail.

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Which version of GeoGebra, and which OS?

Please post a sample file


I'm on Windows 7



I see it on Windows 10 too and v.6 Classic.

After deleting a tool, every new tool I create gets duplicated in the Tools toolbox.

Version 5 on the attached file looks fine. If I delete a tool, then create a new one, is not duplicated.

Thank you, I'm forwarding this post to the Support Team

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