Browser security blocking Geogebra due to unsecured website

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New security updates in most browsers mean that any content from an unsecured server is blocked from being inserted into a page on a secured server. This means applets that link to the Geogebra HTML5 library cannot be viewed on an https site as the library is hosted from an http site.

The error in the Firefox console is:

Blocked loading mixed active content ";

And Chrome:

[blocked] The page at [https://url] ran insecure content from

And IE:

SEC7111: HTTPS security is compromised by

Although IE allows the user to click on a button labelled, "Show secure content" which allows the applet to work.

I'm sure this will affect a lot of users and the solution seems to be to mirror the HTML5 library on an https server.

Is there any chance of this happening soon?



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Did you not try the obvious? ie


Well... did quite a few searches about it and couldn't find anything so didn't think of something so obvious... sorry. :flushed:

Thanks! :-)

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