Bounding box feature for desired applet size for embedding purposes

Henri Vennikas shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


Idea: Tool you could select from menu and draw a box with desired size around your graphic view objects. This box would be the default applet size in any embedding views and would show only the content inside the bounds of the box, which should also display it's size px*px.

Based on problem: I am currently using geogebra with moodle (embedding in html content and also question type) and it is really frustrating when making tens of different assignments and always having to hide algebra view and settings menu, only to find via testing that something needs to be tinkered with, open the resize the window to full screen, open views and menus, tinker, close views and menus, resize the window to desired size. Over and over and over.

A simple bounding box for desired applet size would streamline this workflow immensly.

Thank you for the consideration,

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