Border lines almost invisible (need higher contrast)

mooffie shared this problem 3 years ago
Not a Problem

I have both GG 5 and GG 6 installed on my computer.

I'm using GG 5 and it's fine.

I'd like to use GG 6, but the problem is that borders around screen elements (e.g., boxes/views & menus) have very light colors which are effectively impossible to see on my LCD screen (the text caret too is too light). This makes using GG tough, because I don't see where the various areas start and end.

If I set my screen's gamma to 35% I can see the borders comfortably, but then shapes in the Graphics view are too dark.

Is there a way to fix this? e.g., by changing the theme, or just the borders' colors?

I'd image people with bad eyesight too suffer because of this.

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Please can you post a photo from your phone to show the problem


(I don't have a camera (I'm still living in the stone age), so when I'll find the time I'll simulate what I see using photoshop.)

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