Boolean Values or Numbers with equations doesnt refresh

herp shared this question 2 years ago
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I need following boolean value

Length(KeepIf(c ≟ Y, Y, Circles)) >= 1

but it just wont refresh to true if the there is a new circle in the list Circles that is the same as the circle c. I also tried to use x =

Length(KeepIf(c ≟ Y, Y, Circles)) as a number and check if the number >= 1 with the boolean field also tried to write the equation negative. It just doesnt work. The fields are not refreshing. Only if after i add a circle i write the code again like y =Length(KeepIf(c ≟ Y, Y, Circles)) then y has the value 1 while x still is at 0 despite it is the same code. Is there any way to force values to refresh. With points and list of Points it works with circles not.

Also i noticed circles are not so accurate in geogebra. If i make a list and add the circles it sometimes changes the circle equation written in the list a little bit. Instead of an accurate Value it gets a number value. I also checked to a seperate circle with the number value it writes in the list with this piece of code Length(KeepIf(c ≟ Y ∨ d ≟ Y, Y, AllCircleValues)) where d is a circle with number values like in the list but still nothing. Only if i make a new x = ... it is working.

Any suggestion how i can force booleans or numbers to refresh and check the code that builds them again?

Or it will just not work with circles?

thanks a lot

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