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Boolean comparison of two equal values

BUMPRW shared this question 4 years ago

When you have two equal variables, such as a and b, why to you have to reverse the true false in a boolean if comparison? e.g., If[a==b,true,false]

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sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

Added is an example in which two booleans to compare a and b, two segments.

The two segments may have the same lenghts or they may not.

c and d compare them. Can you explane what's exactly your problem?



I'm still sorting this out. I suspect this was my error. I was using a list to extract an answer in a comparison between two variables and in my effort to reduce the number of variables used, I made an error. I simplified my efforts, more variables, and it seems to be working. Sorry, I think in all fairness, you can scratch this one. It will be awhile before I attempt to make it that complex.

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