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David shared this question 2 years ago

I am looking to edit or create a book for GeoGebra Classroom so I can teach probability online in a more interactive way.

Searching and browsing supposed Classrooms on led to many activities, but none I found made good interactive GeoGebra Classroom activities.

This page says we can change a book into a classroom. So, are there any other books that take advantage of the interactive nature of GeoGebra Classroom? In particular, are there any for probability?

Editing a book I can add a chapter and choose Existing Chapter where I can search for chapters in books. Is there another place to search for entire chapters?

Is there a place to search for books? Especially books meant for GeoGebra Classroom?

I found some by going to a users page and changing "Any resource type" to "Books".

Since GeoGebra Classroom is a fairly new resource I can't find much out there utilizing.

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You can search materials in different ways in

For example, try by topic: select Resources from the options displayed on the left, scroll down a little and you will find an interactive graph like this:


Select the dot corresponding to your main subject, then interact with the possible choices of sub-subjects.

Or you can use a search syntax in the input bar, adding keywords:

statistics type:book 

finds books tagged with the word "statistics"


surface author:mathmum 
finds materials by author "mathmum" (me, actually :D ) tagged with "surface".

The Web Team is currently fixing some issues in the search engine, so maybe your searches won't be complete, but I think that this is a good starting point. Of course you can create books containing your resources.


The materials on our platform are individual work of teachers and students, and can be of different kinds (lessons, tutorials, explorations...), so you won't necessarily find materials that are meant for the interactivity you would like for your class. But these materials can be a nice source of inspiration for creating your own. :)

GeoGebra authors are working hard to make available all the materials of Illustrative Mathematics as GeoGebra activities.

You can find many here and here

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