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buzzi shared this problem 3 years ago

Using GeoGebra on Ubuntu Mate 14.04, when I restore a window I minimized before, it appears with black areas which reveal the original buttons when I move the mouse over them.

This happen to me since a long time.

I tried to install java 8 jre but didn't help. Affects also my 32bit laptop.

Java: 1.7.0_45

Codebase: file:/usr/share/geogebra/

OS: Linux

Architecture: amd64 / null

Heap: 910MB

CAS: CAS Initializing

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While the developers look into it, please try GeoGebra Math Apps, which runs in your browser.


Can you please provide us with some more information? For example with screenshots (as much as possible or needed).

You cannot directly change Java 7 to Java 8 since GeoGebra uses /usr/lib/java/geogebra/ which is built-in in the Linux package (but you may want to tweak it by changing the script /usr/share/geogebra/geogebra), you need root access for that---or do something similar with the portable package (where no root privileges are required).


Thank you for replies! I am using geogebra in browser, running smoothly! (graph is just a bit out of focus, but that would be discussed elsewhere)

anyway, I if work on the blank page, it work fine, but when I open a saved file on resized window (720*875), minimize it and then unminimize it, black rectangles appear (see window1.png)

A workaround I found is maximize window (1442*876) when there are these rectangles, then restore to previuos dimensions, and buttons will be visible (see window2.png), this not always solves the problem, as you can see in window3.png

Yesterday I updated geogebra to latest version.

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