Behaviour of the GeoGebra 5 AUR package with the windows manager i3-gaps

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I have installed the GeoGebra 5 AUR package ( in my new ArchLinux distro with the windows manager i3-gaps.

I am facing the following issues:

- The right button doesn't work with the objects in the Algebra View (it makes nothing)

- The application key (≣ Menu): it works with some objects, with other objects it doesn't work

- CTRL+E to show the properties window: with some objects it works; with other objects, it doesn't work. However, this behaviour happens only with some applets, and it seems to happen with the portable version too

- Edit menu, option Object Properties: it seems to work fine always.

Please, do you have any workaround to the lack of functionality of the right button on the objects of the Algebra View?

I am a new ArchLinux user.

The portable version works fine on my computer (https://download.geogebra.o...). However, I would like to use the AUR version: easier and auto updatable.

ArchLinux; Linux kernel 5.8.9; i3-gaps 4.18.2-2; GeoGebra 5.0.604.0-d

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