Bash command for pgf Tikz export

ponyboss3 shared this idea 1 year ago

I beg you to add an option that allows export the pgf tikz code through the Linux terminal.

a similar bash command exists for export to png, svg, eps, and in the graphical interface, the export to pgf option is available.

i would like to use geogebra to draw pictures for my geometric article for

but ran into some limitations:

in the exported pdf file there is an unsuccessful font, you cannot make the angle as an arc, and not as a curved triangle, limited choice of designation of equal segments.

This can be bypassed by exporting the code from the pgf tikz geogebra and separately compiling the resulting latex code, but then for each export you need to make 5 mouse clicks, which with 5-10 attempts to select a good picture turns into 25-50 extra mouse clicks for one picture, which I am extremely depressed.

at the same time, if there was a bash command for exporting to pgf tikz, then this would reduce the number of clicks to one key for the whole process of "export from geogebra to pgf, compilation of the resulting file into pdf, compilation of a large prefabricated latex document, viewing the received large pdf "

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