Automatically label axes in 3D

David shared this idea 3 years ago

In the 3D Calculator please automatically start with the x-axis labeled "x", y-axis labeled "y", and z-axis labeled "z".

I have the labels shown 90% of the time. When I have my students share their graphs, I always ask them to label their axes.

Thanks for your consideration.

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Yes, please. I don't understand why they aren't labeled automatically and why it's so hard to find the setting in the first place. On the mobile app I can't even find it and on the pc it seems to be hiding all the time.


The axes labeling is turned off by default in every GeoGebra app.

For the 3D calculatorapp, select the wheel icon on top right, then in the appearing Settings panel select the Graphics section, then Labels.

The labeling panel opens, activate showing labels, and if the default names aren't the ones you need, replace them with the desired text.

Pc Classic version: right click in the 3D View, select Graphics... in the appearing dialog window. The Settings panel opens. Select the type and name of the label for each axis.

I think that automatic axes labeling is ok even if turned off, since functions are not necessarily in the variables x, y and z, but may depend on any other. In GeoGebra you can have e.g. f(pumpkin), so need to rename the "x" axis as "pumpkin" :smile: (and you can)

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