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Circle and Ruler (or Zirkel und Lineal) is a similar program with the ability to create assignments that provide positive feedback when the user creates a target object. Is this possible with GeoGebra? Also, I've seen videos that show how to restrict the toolbar, but I don't see those same menu options when I use the program. Ideally, I would create an assignment that asks a student to find the midpoint of a segment, present them with a segment and a greyed out midpoint, and the students would have access to only the tools necessary to accomplish the task (obviously not the midpoint tool). Upon completion the students would see a popup that says nice job. It would be really cool if I could insert this inside Moodle and actually track which students have completed a specific task.

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To create your custom toolbar:

Open the burger menu (v.6 - apps only), select Tools -> Customize toolbar (v. 5).

The current tools are shown on the left. Expand the toolboxes by clicking the + sign next to each of them.

Drag the tools you need to show to the right column.


There are different ways to create a self checking construction, and in our Materials site there are some made by other teachers. (search the string Self checking)

See e.g.

Some Javascript reference is here:

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