Asymptote export removes points

Clueid shared this question 2 years ago
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Problem: exporting a GGB diagram to Asympote removes all point styles.

What I tried:

1. Changing all possible settings in export menu (e.g: Keep Dot Color, Grayscale, ...)

2. Creating a diagram using GeoGebra Web: which worked. But the problem is that I have tons of other activities that I would like to convert to Asymptote which don't produce the required result.

3. Uploading my previous activities on Web then downloading them.


Windows x64, GeoGebra 5

Output of an example that worked and that didn't work are in the attachments.

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It's probably not supported - no-one's updated the Asymptote export for a very long time. Get in touch if you know someone who could help

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