Assigning a variable (calculated) value to a shape

Aarnout Brombacher shared this question 2 years ago

I need some help with GeoGebra “programming” I am trying to create a Pascal’s triangle with hexagons and am facing two distinct challenges:

First: I want each hexagon to have a value in it and I want that value to be the result of a calculation based on values in both other hexagons and constants introduced by sliders

Second: I want the interior colour of the hexagons to be a function of the “hexagon’s value”

I can find completed examples by other people (without being able to access the "coding"), but what I am struggling to find is guidance on how to do this coding.

I am reaching out to you in the hope that somebody can direct me to some tutorial/other user notes.

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  1. Search with google "geogebra pascal triangle"
  2. For example you can find this (from Ben Sparks)
  3. click in the top right the 3 Points. Choose "Details"
  4. click "Download"
  5. click the checkbox "agree to terms....."
  6. click "Applet_1 (.ggb") for download.
  7. open with GGB5 or GGB6
  8. open Algebraview
  9. open ConstructionProtokoll and use the navigation


check the objects in the sequence of ConstructionProtokoll

consult the GGB-Manual, try to undestand the sens of this object.

now you can ask more specific here in the forum.


Dear Rami,

Many, many thanks -- a great start -- much to learn, but you really have me started. I am sure I will be back soon with more specific questions.

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