Arrow Heads for Graphs and Lines

alanj shared this idea 11 years ago
Under Consideration

I don't see a way to add arrow heads to graphs or lines.

I have used vectors to do this but this is rather clumsy and requires plotting lots of extra points.

Would it be possible to add the ability to add arrow heads (with a few different styles) to both graphs and simple lines in a future release of GeoGebra?


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I'll second this request, but previous requests have suggested it will not happen anytime soon (IMHO).


A simpler workaround *in some cases* until such a feature is natively available, which it should be IMHO, is to plot just one point at each end of the line or graph and then use one of the triangle styles for the points. If you happen to be pointing in one twelve special directions (horizontal and every 30 degrees rotated therefrom), they will look very nicely like arrowheads.

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