Application can not be started!

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since I installed GeoGebra RC 5.0.2 I can not start my GeoGebra files on a comfortable way. That means: I can start the program, but I can not start my files directly - only indirectly by the program.

Whenever I try, I get the message "Anwendung kann nicht gestarted werden!" (= Application can not be started!)

Fehler: Angegebene Datei/URL konnte nicht geladen werden:


I think there is trouble with the Java Web Start Launcher, which ist the default program for my GeoGebra files, of course.

I am working with Windows 7 (64-Bit) and Java Version 7 Update 67. (I wonder if GeoGebra knows I use Java Version 7.)

That's what I did:

1) I have uninstalled GeoGebra and installed the latest version 5.0.8.

2) I have uninstalled Java and installed the latest version.

3) I cleared the Java cache.

4) I have (temporarily) disabled the firewall.

Thank you so much for some hints


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I think there is trouble with the Java Web Start Launcher

We no longer support Java Web Start. Try right-clicking on a .ggb file

Open With -> Choose Default Program -> GeoGebra.exe


Dear Michael,

thank you for your reply!

Of course that was the very first thing I tried. Without success! Whenever I do this, my computer chooses the Web Launcher as default programm, no matter whether I choose the exe-file of GeoGebra GeoGebra 4.4 or 5.

Don't know the reason why:



Strange. Maybe try Control Panel -> Java -> Temporary Files Settings -> Delete Files... and make sure you select "Installed Applications and Applets"


Unbelievable! I had missed the check box. It's that simple! To be honest, I am ashamed a little ... :wink:

Thank you so much that the hours of trouble, of installing and uninstalling the are over.


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