applet problem under ubuntu

xtzetzias shared this question 11 years ago

Hi, everyone!

I have a problem with geogebra applets, and haven't found a solution in the forum, so i would appreciate any help.

I run geogebra 4.0 under Ubuntu linux (with openJava) and everything works ok. However, when trying to extract some geogebra constructions to applets, the applets don't run neither in firefox nor in chrome. can somebody please explain what's going wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Christos

You have accidentally placed your request in the German forum.

The better place is in the english forum.

There has many people using Ubuntu, GeoGebra and speak English.

I myself understand only GeoGebra and Google-English :wink:

But maybe you should replace Java for the browser and GeoGebra.



Thanks, i'll post it in the correct forum.

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