Applet not loading

goldenj shared this question 1 year ago

Just posted & published this and the applet won't seem to load in Chrome v74 on a MacBook (High Sierra). Made in GGB 5.0.524

Any ideas?

EDIT: now it is, sorry! But I can't find how to delete this post. Will the ignominies ever end?

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It opens here on Chrome for Windows.

Maybe the thumbnail hasn't been built yet, since you have just uploaded the file.

Can you see a "Reload" button in the middle of the applet? If so, click it to load the app manually.


I got the app grayed out with the Reload button displayed in the middle of it only the first time I clicked your link. After loading the app "manually" it seems that the cache managed to display it properly, even closing the tab of the browser and opening a new one using your link above.

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