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in all GeoGebra versions, it is very annoying, to achieve exactly the applet dimensions you want. At the moment I see only one way, to get exactly, what I want: I change the window dimensions with the mouse pixel for pixel and look at the dimensions shown in the html export dialogue again and again, to get information about the dimensions, the applet will have after export. When I have found the wanted dimensions, I can export the applet. That worked better with older GeoGebra versions than with GeoGebra 4.2.0, because since we have those nice new tool bars at the top of the construction, we have to guess, how many pixels they add to the height of the graphics view. Ythis extra height will not be added at the top of the construction, but on the bottom.

I have no easy answer to this problems and don't know, if it is possible to make it easy to get applets with the wanted dimensions. It may be, that it would be easier, to get a preview of the applet dimensions, if it was possible, to hide all tool bars, especially those, that won't show in the applet. Another idea is to show the dimensions of the graphics view via a short key or so.



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Hi Christian,

When saving a ggb-file as html, I don't care about the exported values. I change them in the html-file itself.

<table border="0" width="1272">



width="1272" height="880" mayscript="true">

You can test the view and change it again.

This doesn't influence the applets code itself. But if the new values are too small, maybe you don't see

a part that's important to be seen.



Hi Werner,

yes, this works, but it isn't a nice way to change dimensions. What would you do, if you would know from the beginning on, that your construction must have the dimensions 800x600?



Hi you all,

sometime ago I suggested something similar in the post

"Dimensions of GeoGebra window before exporting"

Consider an option to select on a menu like the next one ;-)


I think that some teachers are used to work at home with some bigger screens than the laptops they might use with pupils.

And some of these nebys teachers if they have some problems, get reluctant to use Tecnologies at school :(

Developers would it be something difficult to add to next releases?

Thks in advance: David


It's been a while since the previous post (!) but yes, this is important! I want to set my applet dimensions before exporting them to GeoGebraTube - this is for an online journal that has specific width requirements. At the very least I'd like to SEE my applet dimensions before exporting to GeoGebraTube. Is this possible? Am I missing something?

(Yes, I know I can export to GGT, then tweak the dimensions, but I'd like to get it right the first time and avoid the hassle of re-editing the file after export.)



I really think that this isue should be intersting for lots of teachers.

I've seen this happen in so many conferences, for exameple when using some computer's or some projectors, maybe the applets can't be shonwn with desired dimensions.

When this happens to some newbies teachers they can get affraid and maybe won't use it again :(

I made a very easy applet that you can download and run, you can drag right lower corner and get the exactly dimensions on the screen, then just Menu File and "New" and you'll get another ggb window with desired dimensions.


You can download form GeoGebraTube and the point is the Corner[5] command.




Thanks for showing of features of the Corner. It is a relief to know there is such a simple way to sample the size of ones screen...I am considering adding

    scrnSz = (x(Corner[5]), y(Corner[5]))

    or scrn=Corner[5]

at the beginning of most new files. I usually create with the AlgebraView detached and this would be a good reminder.

GGB files are project as off-screen objects

We've all had this happen ...

We have solved one way or another ...

But many a novice in the use of ICT teachers or certain areas

may be dissatisfied and not repeated.


Command: Corner [5]

Corner[5] is a mystery no more...



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