Applet become unestable

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Hi, I'm still very intrigued about this. I'm doing this applet to illustrate to my students the resisted projectile motion. I deeply appreciate all help from this forum . . . My problem this time is to find out why the applet collapses for small values of mass (m) for instance when m =0.1 or less. Same for k, which is the coefficient of drag. The variable time (t) stop working in those cases and it shows the error included in the attachments. I hope you can help me.


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para m<1.9 tt es undefined, supongo que el Ln() está por debajo del valor minimo para numeros negativos 'grandes'

revisa la definicion de tt y evita o elimina valores cercanos al 0 de la expresion en Ln()

date cuenta que para ciertos valores de m el valor del argumento del Ln en tt puede ser cercano al cero y dar un Ln excesivamente enorme. puedes probar a hacer la resta de 1 y la fraccion, o a convertir el cociente en una resta de dos logaritmos etc. la cuestion es que tt no se indefina

espero que solo sea eso y se pueda ajustar y corregir


Thanks mathmagic, . . . your help is always appreciated. I will look into all those things and see what happen.Thanks again.

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