App windows starts on external screen even when disconnected

fabcal shared this problem 3 years ago

Windows 10 on a laptop.

Connect an external screen.

Run Geogebra.

Move the window to the secondary screen.

Close Geogebra.

Disconnect the external screen.

Restart Geogebra.

Problem: Geogebra tries to start on the external screen. The Geogebra window is out of reach.


Reconnect the external screen. Now the Geogebra window appears on the secondary screen.

Disconnect the external screen. Now the Geogebra window comes back to your laptop screen.

Close Geogebra. Next time you start Geogebra without external screen, the window will show on your laptop screen.

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Thanks. This is a workaround though. There still is a bug, isn't there?


What if the external source is not available? This seems like a glitch. I even collapsed the program from running on the external screen before disconnecting. Still the program opens as if the external is still connected.


I think you need to actually move the window to your laptop screen before disconnecting the external screen. If you just collapse the window it will still belong to the external screen.

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