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I've searched the forums and can't find any new information about whether (when) GeoGebra will be able to display graphs with logarithmic axes. I'm especially interested in semi-log plots (logarithmic x-axis) for use in pharmacology (concentration response curves), where linear concentration scales (x-axis) are too small to be meaningful. I'm about to start a new educational project for pharmacology graduate students and on all other accounts GeoGebra seems to be the best tool for my needs. But without being able to display concentration response curves on a semi-log plot, it won't be useful. If log axes are on the plans for the near future (I checked the roadmap, but didn't see any mention there), I can wait and work on other aspects of the project. Otherwise, I may have to find an alternative (and less flexible) solution (like Wolfram's CDF).

If anyone has any information on the status of log axes, I'd really appreciate hearing about it.

Thanks - and thanks to all the wonderful contributors to this project - your work is greatly appreciated by many.


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You can create custom axes using AxisStepX, AxisStepY, Corner, Sequence (search the forum for examples).

Obviously you'll also need to tweak your functions to then display correctly, but I see no reason why you can't already achieve what you want (with a little work :) )


You can create custom axes using AxisStepX, AxisStepY, Corner, Sequence (search the forum for examples).
Most questions on logarithmic scaled axes have been posed by me; this post is the most promising post have seen, yet I have not seen any examples in the forum...

AxisStepX, Returns the current step width for the x‐axis.

AxisStepY, Returns the current step width for the y‐axis.

Corner, Provides assistance in finding the left and right sides of the x-axis or the lower and upper sides of the y-axis.

Sequence, Will provide values and distances of the spacing using the above commands...

You forgot to mention a previous post suggestion

Text[text,Point] is intended for use with eg the Sequence[ ] command so that you can label custom axes.
And there appear to be some examples which address these in French archives (2008, much has changed)...

From what I am seeing here, several of my requests for customizing axes, might be answered within the forum for those who are fluent in more than one language.

The caveat here is access to these custom axes should be available to the casual users like students and new converts to using GeoGebra...I have had teachers desiring these features who might be converted to more use of GG.

In the meantime, could someone come up with a Wiki page demonstrating the use of these tools to create custom axes for those who have been asking...

Thank you....



Hi Tony - wow - a wiki would be great! I'm brand new to GeoGebra and although I have some programming experience, my time, like that of most of us, is very limited. A wiki would be incredibly helpful to get me started.


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