annoying change in the forum functionality

kilian shared this idea 6 years ago
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It seems that in particular the bug reporting has become moderated at some point, which is somewhat annoying for posters as they can not immediately see whether there posting went through or do any corrections. I can understand introducing moderation in the case of too much spamming/vandalism, but if that is not the case the moderation just becomes a nuisance for people reporting errors (or contributing here in general). Also if moderation is really required it probably should be restricted to new accounts and known problem accounts.

So my suggestion is to lift moderation if not really needed or at least restrict the amount of accounts being (unnecessarily affected). In any case it would be useful if the editor for posts for the forum gives some clear indication that moderation/validation of posts occurs and they might go live only with some delay.

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thanks for the feedback. The moderation is in place to make sure that forum visitors can only see content relevant to GeoGebra. The fact that you don't see tens of topics advertising casinos (and worse) on daily basis is due to the hard work of our moderators.

I see that it might be frustrating for the genuine users if they posts do not appear and there is no indication of moderation. We will try to address at least the indication part.



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