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Arno Temmerman shared this problem 4 years ago
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Scientific Calculator (pc/mobile):

I changed my Angle Unit to "Degrees, minutes, seconds", however when I calculate a trigonometric identity (e.g. tan^-1(1)) the answer is in radians.

Calculating it while my settings are in "Degrees" and THEN changing to "Degrees, minutes, seconds" is the only way I could get it to show the answer in the right unit.

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Indeed, there is something wrong with the angle unit in the Scientific Calculator. I did the following:

  • sin^-1(0.2)
  • I changed the settings in radians.
  • sin^-1(0.3)
  • I changed the settings in Degrees, minutes, seconds.

The first answer is okay. The second answer stays in radians.

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