Angle Slider freezes

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I experience sliders for angles freezing:

I can use the spacebar to start/stop animation of the slider.

I can use the slider displayed in the algebra pane to adjust the value.

But I cannot adjust the slider displayed in the drawing area.

I experience this repeatedly:

Start with a working version of the construction, make a slight tweak

unrelated to the angle, and the slider freezes.

What could be the cause, and how do I fix it?

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Does it work OK here?


No, it does not. Sorry...

Interestingly, saving the construction to a local file, shutting down geogebra and restarting it

restores the slider functionality. Make another tweak however...

For what it's worth, I am running version 6.0.620.0


Please say precisely what you did to get the problem to show


I wish I could: the file I attached above exhibited the problem. You might need to play with it

to trigger the problem. When it occurs,

  • I can select the slider with the mouse
  • the space key and the arrow keys will operate the slider
  • dragging the slider will not work
  • saving the construction to a file and restarting geogebra will tend to remove the problembut not necessarily. Makes it hard to provide you with an example...
  • continuing work on the construction may restore the functionality at some point, but I have not figured out what might trigger it.


Also, how do I get this editor to not insert a new paragraph if I want to break a line for improved readbility?


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