Angle creation problem

jonathanlind shared this problem 5 years ago

Mentioned this yesterday, and it's back:

When you create an angle of given size on the web app, it doesn't read the degrees correctly unless you go into the character list and pick degrees.

The degrees sign that auto-populates doesn't work anymore (creates angles in radians), even if you just replace the default angle, it doesn't make it in degrees, only works if you manually go into the character menu.

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Thanks, we will look into this. Meanwhile if you replace the whole text by e.g. 30deg it will work as expected.


I am experiencing the same issue. I found that if the cursor is before the ° symbol the angle is created using radians and if the cursor is after the ° symbol the angle is created in degrees. Seems that input fields are not being read correctly, same issue is occuring in the input field for redefining points, I am getting an unbalanced brackets error if the cursor is before the closing ).

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