An extension of Text tool by javascript.

黃紹東 shared this idea 6 years ago

For personal interest and work, I try to make Text tool more useful in some cases.

After you copy the javascript into an new film, then reopen it.

(if your film's javascript part is not empty, you should copy every part to the right position.)

the Tool of "Text","Move", and "Delete" now have new effects.

See below:

Tool Text:

If you use “Text” tool click an existed text

The new text will be the old one's “Replace”

If you use it to click point/segment/polygon

it will additionally create its SurdText as “Replace”

of the new text.

※Alert:The orignal text must be pure text.

(without any variables)

But all “Replace” could be either.

Tool Move:

If you use Move tool to click a text,

and it has “Replace”, then the the text

will change to its next “Replace”.

Tool Delete:

If you use Delete tool to click a text,

all of its “Replace”(and “Index”) will be deleted.

Alert: if you delete text in any other way, it won't have

this effect. So the remaining useless “Replace” will stay

in the film.

The Delete part is not like what I want(I wish it would work whenever you delete the text).

But I can't fix it because it seems like "Set a text's definition" is likely to delete it and create a new one in Geogebra.

So if I make it free whenever something deleted, then it will affect when I set a text to Latex or not.

Hope it would be interesting for you :)

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Thanks for the idea. I'm afraid we don't have any plans to do anything like that


It's ok :), I just want to share it with someone need the effect. I know it's not that needed in most cases.

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