All objects disappears and .ggb cannot be undone after a mal-operation

lcfactorization shared this question 2 years ago
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The possible "bug" can be reproduced based on the ggb file attached by the following steps:

1. Open "example_undo_bug.ggb" attached using the latest geogebra 5.0.381;

2. Delete "list1" , then "list1", and points "D, E" disappear;

3. Create a new list by input: {f1, f2,a} in the input command line, we get a new "list1";

4. input: "point(list1)", we got "D"; then "E=D", and "locus(D,E)" to obtain a new locus object.

5. Then try to change "list1" from its "object properties" menu option dialogue box, and change its "definition" from "{f1, f2, a}" into "{f1, f2, C, a, A}"


Then obtain : geogebra error dialogue box, which says "redefinition failed", and all other objects disappear at the same time, none of the objects created so far cannot be undone.


Is this a bug of Geogebra?


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