Algebra window instead of 2D graphics in ggbApplet (3d versus classic)

Daniela Velichová shared this problem 4 years ago

I have two ggb files ( and that were created in desktop classic Geogebra in very similar manner (I am not aware of any difference in my process of creating them or settings used). I would like to show them in an educational system as ggbApplet ( and I use settings: (data-param-appname="3d" data-param-filename="uploads/MULTIEU.ggb" data-param-width="1300" data-param-height="800" data-param-disableautoscale="false" data-param-showsplash="false" tabindex="10" id="ggbApplet" data-scalex="0.505" data-scaley="0.505" aria-label="3D Grafická kalkulačka") for both files but MULTIUSA.ggb is showing at my page with Algebra window insted of 2D graphics window in the left part of the frame. MULTIEU is showing fine on my page. They both show wrongly algebra on and show 2D Graphics I couldn´t find a reason for this ambiguous behavior and therefore consider it a bug in processing ggb file with geogebra 3d web engine. If there is any difference in the files, that could cause this behavior, I would be glad if you could help me avoid showing algebra window in the applet (I would still like to keep '3d' version though). Thank you for looking into it.

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