algebra view in version 6 ??

oub shared this question 2 years ago


I am very much used to version 5 and the documentation

describes version 5, in version 6 however it is not clear to me where the algebra view is.

BTW, is there a possibility to make version 6 look like version 5?


Uwe Brauer

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If you are using the installed version of v.6, the algebra view is on the left.

If you can’t see it, please select the main menu icon (top right, three stacked segments), then select View and select the Algebra View checkbox.

If you are using v.6 classic on mobile devices, the Algebra view is displayed at the bottom of Graphing View.

Version 6 has a different design than v.5, because it works not just as installed app, but also as Web app and mobile app, and appears the same on every device.

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