Additiv multiplcation signs in CAS ggb6

hawe shared this problem 2 years ago

Editing CAS Lines sometimes leads to additiv multiplication signs.

Edit Line to add ; at the end of line - was not able to save:


happend in sporadic intervals: hard to detect and up to impossible to remove - removed, but come back every try, forces a multiplication with 1

i can reproduce the problem by edit line 3 of file

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Does it help to upgrade? v426 is quite old now


My actual version is 6.0.518, the file is

Closematerial-rZH8T73K-thumbMedia-playback-startDownload (edited and replaced by online version) - local and online version showing this behavior with file in attachment.

I addet the original file because it shows a reproducible behavior - the problem take place in 6.xx versions from time to time - it's realy annoying because its very hard to detect (to see) in a complex line command - often cannot removed and come back every time.

BTW: My 6.xx versions (win) starting with open settingsdialog


I can turn that off or ist this an intended feature?


Thanks, I see the problem (it happens when there's a double space)

The attached file is OK hopefully

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