Adding dynamic text (object / variable) not working properly

Jyri Lukkala shared this problem 4 years ago

Version: 5.0.317.0-webapp (17 January 2017)

It is not possible to add dynamic text (value of object / variable) in a text field. When trying to select an object from the list (to be added), nothing happens.


In some occasions, I was able to add an object, but only to the beginning of the text. It was not possible to move it.

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What browser are you using? There are some problems with dynamic text editor in Firefox and IE, but it should work fine in Chrome.


This is an old discussion, but I am now encountering the same problem with my "text" object. I've tried using the standalone Geogebra Classic app for Windows 10 (version 5.0.388.0) and the interface within Chrome.

In both cases, the object-selection area shown in the OP's screenshot will highlight object names when I mouse over them, but if I click on one... the highlight does not persist and thus I can't hit the "OK" button to insert it.

I also don't get any results using the method described in the Texts page on the wiki: If I enter a mixture of strings in quotes and object names, separated by plus signs, the resulting text is always an exact copy of what I've typed, including the quotes and plus signs.dd2fedb08de36df28cc07b6280f87b14

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