Add details to unsaved change window

matheod shared this idea 8 years ago


When we close a geogebra window, if there is unsaved change, we have a popup asking us if we want to save change or not.

But sometime, you don't remember if you saved your project, or if you just moved the viewable area (not sure how to say that in english).

I suggest to add before : Do you want to save modification, something like that :

If we didn't create new object/updated object (i.e. moving for exemple) :

You changed the viewable area since last save.

ElseIf we didn't create new object/updated object :

You updated object since last save.

Else :

You created new object since last save.

That way we would know what changed since last save (maybe we should add a step for object redefined ?).

Not sure if I explained well my idea.

Thanks !

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I up this because I think it could be really usefull :)

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