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Account just Banned by GeoGebra

Wei shared this question 1 year ago

Dear Mr or Miss

My name is Wei and I am an individual instructor.

I have used GeoGebra for just several days, still figuring out application tricks :D But suddenly my GeoGebra account is banned. I don't know why it can happen or was I doing anything wrong? Now I cannot login to GeoGebra thru my google account

could you help me to repair my account, please? or you could tell me what should I do to get back my account back.

Thank you for your kind attention. I looking forward the further information and help for you. Please, help me.

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It doesn't look banned from here, if you mean this account

Maybe there's something interfering with your Google access.

If you have AdBlocker, it might be that. See


If the one I've linked above is not the account you think it's banned, please write an email with details at


Dear Simona,

Many Thanks for the quick reply.

The banned account is not the one in your link. The one I currently using now is a new one since I cannot login to the original one and even post a topic here. :(

It is via google account --

I will send the email as you adviced.

Thanks again!


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