[Accessibility API] get access to geometric figures

oiseauroch shared this question 10 months ago
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I'm part of the project Tactos a research project for blind accessibility. We are developping a linux application that explore around the mouse pointer to give tactile feedback to the user. By moving the mouse and getting the feedback, the user can then explore the screen. Moreover, speech synthesis can say additional information.


We already did experiments in different condition like recognition of shapes (https://link.springer.com/c...) from geoplan.

We first tried with only pixel color recognition but it has many limits so that we are now trying to use Accessibility API.

After some research and using AT-SPI API with Java Access Bridge, I"m able to get the interface architecture but it seems that drawn figures are not accessible. Is there any way to get information from this figures ?

link to the project : https://gitlab.com/tactos/tactos

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