Access to an user's own resources when creating a GeoGebra book

KongChan shared this idea 4 months ago
Under Consideration

I am writing to suggest a function when creating GeoGebra book.

A few days ago, I created a GeoGebra book and wanted to add an activity into it. But I could not find my already uploaded activity in the Add Resource to Book Dialog Box, even when I typed the exact title (“P3 Making Triangles 1 (Square Grid)”) into the search bar and searched that activity by title.

At last, I could only click the New Activity button and repeated the upload process to add the activity into the book. Even now, I still could not search that activity using the search function.

Therefore, I suggest that the Add Resource to Book Dialog Box could provide a way for an user to access one’s own resources. It would be a great help for an user when creating GeoGebra books.

Attachment: a jpeg file showing that the target activity is not found when searching by title.

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Sorry, there's a problem with the search index right now. Hopefully fixed soon...

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