Ability to print and-or export "view plane created from" window and possibly even the 3D view window

elliptic Orbit shared this idea 6 years ago

I am missing the ability to print or export other view windows than the algebra window and the grapics view window

I would like to print or export separate view windows (and possibly even the 3D view) as well.

What I am looking for:

I create a 3 dimensional object and a plane intersecting with it. Than I use the "intersect two surfaces" option, which produces a curve (shown as a function in the algebra window). I right click on the function (f) to get a dropdown menu, and I select "Create 2D view from f".

That is the view I wanted to have, in my case the surface of a plane intersecting a cylinder at an angle (an ellipse is the result)

So this view of f is what I want to print, or otherwise export. But it seems I can't print nor export that window. It shouldn't be hard, since it is only a 2D view, just like the "Graphics" window.

I will add a .ggb file with an example of the case I described. I want to print the 2d view of function f. (showing an ellipse)

And I will add a print screen (.jpg) showing the different view windows, with the desired window on the far right. That one I would like to print and/or export.

Would it be possible to add this ability in an upcoming update?

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Exporting the 3D View and "View from Plane" both work fine for me, which version are you using?

(make sure the view you want to export has the focus)


yes, Michael is right.

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