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Esperanzauu shared this question 5 years ago

I just exported my first "project" and I'm left with a .ggb file. When I first double clicked on it, I got a dialog, which told me to choose a default program to open with the file. I searched up the .exe for Geogebra, then set it as default. Now, when I double click on the exported file, Geogebra shows up but as if I wanted to create a new file.

The location of the .exe: "C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\GeoGebra_Graphing\app-6.0.451\GeoGebraGraphing.exe"

I know if I open Geogebra then select import, I can import the file.

But I'm just too lazy for it. Is there any faster way top open a .ggb file?

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GeoGebra files can be opened on version 6 by using the File-> Open menu.

It's currently not possible to create a file association.

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