A method for better management of images in a GeoGebra file

Randy Carspecken shared this question 11 years ago

When I create a GeoGebra file for my classes like the one attached with images it will not always be clearly viewable depending on the size of the computer screen. For instance the attached jpeg shows what one of my files should look like but on smaller student computer screens of course it is not initially entirely viewable and when students zoom the images in a complex file like this get proportionally jumbled. When I define the position of the images with two corners so they shrink and expand with the rest of the construction in zooms I find the images seriously degrade. Any thoughts? The attached jpeg shows how the attached GeoGebra file SHOULD look on a computer screen for it to be readable but as I said above it is contingent on the size /resolution of the screen. Any thoughts would be welcome.

- - Randy Carspecken


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Randy, over the years, I have found (and design pundit state), "Make your images fit the expected screen size, not your screen size."

I realize that this difficult to do when you have say 1680 x 1015 but your target size is 800 x 600. You need to work in the size that is available of you user.

IMHO, you will need to learn to work in the target size. Not fun or easy. I need to do this as well to fit the districts choice of resolution of data projectors.



If you use Corner[1], Corner[2],Corner[3] and Corner[4] as starting points and fix your images and other objects relative to these, then you file will open fine on all screens :)


Hi all,

Have a look at https://sites.google.com/a/moe.edu.sg/dmnteachgeogebra/geogebra-lessons-pages/duplicatingimages

Animation can achieved by moving the point Corner 1 and making coordinates of Corner 2 & 4 relative to Corner 1 ( eg

x(Corner2) = x(Corner1) + a, where a is either constant or variable (causing stretch/enlargement).

See also :



Have fun creating exciting applets for students. Or better still, guide them to produce animated applets which will, I honestly believe is a good pedagogical tool as it makes them apply many different mathematics topics/techniques in order to manipulate the images and objects!

I hope to work towards crafting lessons/projects using such a approach in the future.



Hi Noel,

Thanks for information. I checked. On my Chrome & IE 9 the applet could load and run properly.

Screen appear as below


Did you manage to see it?

File was created with 3.2.47, then also opened in 3.9.324 and found ok.

On the site I pointed to https://sites.google.com/a/...,

it is running on webstart/3.2

I put the ggb files at attachment section in the page above. You can download.




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