A lable to an arc placement?

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No matter how I define a circle (by its' three points) I can't place a lable near to an arc on it.

Here is an example file where I experience this problem: the Dec, Lat and Hc arcs look OK but their labels cannot be moved close to them.

However, the coLat, ZD and ePD arcs are not affected by this issue.

Could you please help me to understand what's going on here?

Thank you in advance.

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I work online (not with a local application installed on my OS).

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OK, I got it.

Every circle (and probably other objects too) has a beginning, an end and an "upper" side. They all depend on the particular circle's declaration.

This directly affects the placement of lables because a lable sticks to the "upper" side on an object near its' end.

To solve my problem I had to create several visually coinsiding circles but with different declarations - such that all the lables occured where I wanted them.

May be this behaviour is not as the developers intended - a lable of an arc does not stick to the arc's end - it obeys the end of an underlaying circle.

How do I report this?

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